NIED Circulars

Amendment to Formal Education Circular 7 of 2021 School operations amid Covid 19 for the Remainder of 2021 school year
Circular NSSCO implementation of NSSCO Grade 10-11 Formal Education Circular
NIED Circular 2015-no2(European-Lang).pdf
NIED Circular 2010-no1(ICT).pdf
NIED Circular 2009-no1(Eng2nd-Lang).pdf
NIED Circular 2008-no2(European-Lang).pdf
NIED Circular 2008-no3(African-Lang).pdf
NIED Circular 2007-no1(Math).pdf
NIED Circular 2007-no2(entrepreneurship).pdf
NIED Circular 2005-no2(Lang).pdf

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