Government Acts

Public Service Act No.pdf
Public Service Commission Act No.pdf
State Finance Act No.pdf
Labour Act No.pdf
Regional Council Act No.pdf
Local Authorities Act No.pdf
Decentralisation Enabling Act No.pdf
National Anthem of the Republic of Namibia Act 1991.pdf
Namibian Citizenship Act No.pdf
Namibia Constitution.pdf
HPP page 70-71.pdf
e-Gov Strategic Plan for the Public Service 2014 to 2018.pdf


National Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development policy.pdf
Combined Review and LSM Policy Revised 2015.pdf
Promotion Policy Approved Primary Phase 2015.pdf
ICT in GRN Policy.pdf
Social Media Policy.pdf
Human Resource Development Plan and Implementation Strategy.pdf
Language Policy-discussion 2003.pdf
Teacher Resource Centre Network Policy and Procedures Manual 1996.pdf
Language Policy 1992-beyond.pdf
Approved SCCD National Policy Guide.pdf
National Subject policy guide for Commercial Subjects.pdf
National Curriculum for Basic Education 2016.pdf
Promotion Policy Guide Secondary Phase 2018.pdf

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